Weekly workout inspiration and ideas:
Re-energize your workouts!

This page is all about workout inspiration, bringing fresh and exciting ideas to liven up your workout sessions, every week! 

Work out with battle ropes, medicine balls, Swiss balls, dumbbells and a hundred and one other carefully crafted workouts to get you mind inspired and your heart pumping..

Workout inspiration and new , fresh exercise ideas updated weekly

Get inspiration for new workouts

The workout inspiration and ideas below are all about 10-15 minutes long and can be done as a complete workout or you can just take each exercise on its own to work a particular body part as part of a wider workout session. Its up to you!

In these videos Louise provides techniques and exercises beyond anything I though possible (who knew you could do that with a barbell)!

15 minute medicine ball workout: 5 new ideas for workout inspiration

In this workout inspiration episode Louise shows us what she can do with a medicine ball - a full total body, 15 minute workout session using just one piece of equipment.

Watch the video below or checkout the full article about this 15 minute medicine ball workout.

Ultimate swiss ball training program

In this episode Louise demonstrates to us a heart pumping, muscles aching selection of Swiss ball exercises you never thought were possible. Lasting about 15 minutes, afterwards you'll never look at that Swiss ball again!

Watch the video below or read the step by step guide to the ultimate Swiss ball workout.

Three ultimate battle rope exercises

Not for the faint hearted, this week's workout inspiration is all about the battle ropes!

Louise demonstrates 3 seriously tough battle rope exercises to get you arms aching and your core straining. 

We hope you enjoyed this page full of fresh and exciting workout inspiration! If there is anything you would like to see in this weekly series then let us know, otherwise be sure to subscribe to the OFC Youtube channel and like, share and comment!

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