Shoulder exercises for recovery, rehabilitation and training

The shoulder exercises recommended by the Osteo fitness collective on this page are designed to cover every aspect of shoulder rehabilitation including strengthening, stretching, mobility and stability.

The shoulder is made up of four joints - Sterno-clavicular, acromio-clavicular, gleno-humeral and scapular-thoracic - yes, its a complicated structure and a lot can go wrong!

Some of the most common conditions include:

- Anterior/posterior impingement

- Rotator cuff injury

- Labral tear

- Frozen shoulder

- Trigger points

It is important that before you embark on the shoulder exercises on this page that you have an accurate diagnosis. Any exercises should be carried out with great care, accuracy and precision to avoid further injury.

shoulder stretching exercises

The four pillars of  good shoulder exercises

Proper shoulder exercises for rehabilitation are comprised of four main aspects:

Mobility : Stability : Stretch : Strength

With enough time, patience and persistence even the most dysfunctional shoulders can be rehabilitated enough to reduce pain, improve function, increase quality of life.

Shoulder mobility exercises

Shoulder mobility exercises are essential for improving blood flow, removing restrictions/adhesions and maintaining a healthy, well functioning shoulder. 

All four joints which make up the shoulder all need to be activated and engaged when doing these mobility exercises - restriction in one may lead to an increased workload on the other - exacerbating the issue further. If you feel any pain during these movements you are pushing to far and too hard - I always tell my patients take it to the pain not through the pain.

Shoulder stability and strengthening exercises

Shoulder stability comes from the muscles that control it. Unlike the hip joint which offers a huge amount of stability through it ball and socket structure, the shoulder sacrifices stability for versatility and mobility - the muscles around the joint are what provide this stability in the shoulder.

Weakness in any area can lead to any manner of issue manifesting - here at the OFC we recommended strengthening ALL of the muscles that stabilise your shoulder - and that is exactly what this shoulder exercises video below does!

Shoulder stretching exercises

Stretching your shoulder muscles is vital for full recovery - reducing tension, helping fluid dynamics, maintaining mobility - stretches are vital for it all!

We hope you find this page about shoulder exercises helpful, please feel free to get in contact for any reason or check out our youtube channel for more inspiring, motivating and helpful videos like the ones on this page.


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