Exercises to improve posture: make lasting and meaningful change .

I often tell my patients that using exercises to improve posture is the only sure fire way to make meaningful and lasting change. This is true for whatever reason you want to correct your posture whether it be for aesthetics, for pain reduction or just for general good health. The benefits of having good posture are immense so what are you waiting for - lets get cracking!

Check out our 3 part video series for exercises improve a slumped posture below!

Slow and steady wins the race

I'm sorry but there is no quick fix for correcting bad posture - think about; your posture is a culmination of years of bad habit, occupational necessity, driving, desk work.. the list goes on.

Whatever the cause, it is years of gradual, slow change that has led you to be in the position you are in now. What does this mean? It means there is no instant remedy that is going to miraculously transform your posture.

However, do not despair!

We here at the OFC have put together a 6 week posture correction program using exercises to improve a slumped posture...

Exercises to improve posture in just 6 weeks?

Yup - it is doable. Using the simple training principles that underpin everything we do here at the OFC (strength, stretch, mobility and stability), we know that we can create lasting and meaningful change to your posture.

Yes it does take a little bit of hardwork from you, but not much! A simple correction here, some stretching there and a little bit of awareness there and we are certain you will look feel a whole world better - in six weeks...

Let's jump in..

Weeks 1-2: 

The first step before we start with exercises to improve posture is finding out what is going wrong - and that usually comes from how we live our lives on a daily basis. Whether that's driving or working at a desk, a slumped posture usually arises from bad posture when sitting.

Use the advice given in the video above to address your posture when seated, this can be done using yoga mat/towel/jumper/ pillow anything you can roll up into a tube. 

This is placed into the small of the back horizontal position or can be placed vertically between the shoulder blades. 

Starting to stretch through the pectoral mm (arms out to side), lying on tube with arms to the side, hold 1-2 mins 

Part two is getting you to start to activate muscles which have weakened/stretched position in a slumped posture

Rhomboid activation- standing against wall with towel between your shoulders and gentle squeezing/pinching shoulders together holding for 2-5 seconds then relaxing, repeating 10-15 reps 

Serratus anterior muscle which sits under your shoulder blade pulling your shoulder blades tight to the chest to stop winging. Pressing arms into the wall, keeping them straight letting the body drop forward and then pulling back. Hold 2-5 seconds and repeat 10-15 reps 

Every other day for next 2 weeks 

Weeks 2-4

Next is moving onto the theraband workout to increase resistance

(i)rhomboid activation with theraband x10 reps 

(ii)Latissimus dorsi activation x10 reps 

(iii)external rot at 90 degrees

External rotation elevated at 45 degrees (targeting rhomboid, traps, posterior delt and rotator cuff mm)

Deeper stretch  to the pectoral mm at 90 degrees hold 30 sec x5 times 

Weeks 5-6

Moving to the gym 

3 basic movement to start to increase the intensity and progress 

Lat pull down (medium resistance aiming 10-15 reps for 3 sets; slow and controlled) 

Cable row for rhomboids ((medium resistance aiming 10-15 reps for 3 sets; slow and controlled)

Posterior deltoid ((medium resistance aiming 10-15 reps for 3 sets; slow and controlled)

Start to be more adventurous and confident can integrate the moves we have demonstrated into a weekly training routine- push outside comfort zone.

We hope you found this page about exercises to improve posture helpful and now feel confident enough to begin to make positive changes to your life. If you are feeling inspired check out our home page to find out what else the Osteo fitness collective can do for you!