About us

Welcome to the OFC - a page that we set up to inspire, educate, engage and unite everyone from patients to therapists and everyone in between! We have made it our mission to bring together fitness experts, osteopaths, personal trainers, physiotherapists and and nutritionists in a way that is easy to follow, straight to the point with the most up to date, interesting and inspiring information out there - to help YOU get fit, get out of pain and live the life that you SHOULD be living.

We've put together this page so that you can find out about the creators of the OFC - starting with the FACE of the OFC....


Louise is a fitness fanatic - which is what inspires most of the work that we do at the OFC. Coupled with her expertise in the body, physiology, nutrition and biomechanics she is enthusiastic about getting people to be the best they can be. Whether that means getting people of the sofa, getting people out of pain or getting motivated - she's the girl!

Having received the rising star award from the Institute of Osteopathy, clinical award for excellence and academic award from the European school of Osteopathy, Louise graduated in 2017 with a 1st class honours degree.

Since moving from the Southeast to the Southwest, Louise has become one of the most esteemed and respected Osteopaths in mid-Devon working for the fastest growing Clinics in the South west, Osteo & Physio.

Louise is also an ambassador for two fitness companies: Planet Warrior and Gymmonkee and competes in the UK as a bikini fitness competitor. 


Oliver is the brains behind the operation and is the genius behind the video development and website construction. He is also in charge of filming the videos and contributing to the incredible current content. 

Oliver graduated from the European school of Osteopath in 2017 with a first class honours degree. Since then he has already become a partner in one of the fastest growing clinics in the south west and is principal of the clinic in Ottery st mary, devon. 

A keen lover of squash, badminton and chess with his true love being cycling where he has done numerous tours across the world.