Welcome to the Osteo Fitness Collective

Stop living in pain. Stop your suffering. Take control of your body. Here at the osteo fitness collective, we've made it our mission to provide you with a pathway out of pain, disability and discomfort. 

Is arthritic pain holding you back? Perhaps you are worried about exercising with osteoporosis? Is your ankle injury stopping you from competing? Or perhaps your bad back is stopping you from playing with your grandchildren?

Posture : Pain management : Inspiration : Rehabilitation : Technique 

It's what we do!

We believe that you don't need to be in pain, and that employing the fundemental princples of fitness and training you can take control over your body and regain the strength, power and energy you once knew.

The OFC is a place that combines knowledge and ideas, people and passion for everyone and anyone interested in health, fitness, exercise and self improvement.

Our articles and video guides use plain speaking, straight forward language and demonstrations to educate and inspire. 

Mobilizing, strengthening, stretching and stabilizing

Your path to recovery lies in the utilization of the four proven components. At the OFC we like to call them the four pillars - effective building of these four pillars are enough to restore proper function and proper structure. If your body's structure is in harmony, it will function well. This is the fundamental principle of dealing with your discomfort: The algorithm for dealing with mechanical pain. This is how you are going to fix your pain.

The OFC Algorithim

MSSS = Structure = function = :-)

Translated that means: -

Mobility Stability Strength + Stretch = Good structure

Good structure = Good function

and... Good function = A healthy, pain free body.

It's as simple as that!

What we bring to the table

As a collective we bring the power of people together. The OFC philosophy comes from a collective of Osteopaths, personal trainers and other medical experts. This means that you can find interviews and advice in all areas of health, fitness, training and rehabilitation including nutrition, exercise, occupational health and the latest medical developments.

"Essentially what we are doing is removing the restrictions to living freely"

Follow our Vlogg to keep up to date with the most relevant information, daily exercises, training programs and video guides. Use the Osteo fitness collective website to learn about what's causing your pain and to find out how you can help yourself.

Video guides

We've built this website with videos in mind and run a busy you tube channel with content aimed at both patients and primary healthcare practitioners.

Educational videos include systemic and orthopedic refresher courses, guides to getting fit and healthy, specific exercise and training regimes and guides to aid in better diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Continual professional development

The osteo fitness collective provides up to date and relevant CPD course for manual therapists as well as reviews and information on different CPDs around the world. If you're a manual therapist looking for a course in your area then sign up to our youtube channel and newsletter and follow the cpd page for more information. If you're looking to promote your own course then get touch.

Check out the Osteo Fitness Collective youtube channel

We believe that as osteopaths we have a great gift to share with the world, a world outside the confines of our clinic rooms. We are here to bring that gift to you through the mediums of video and the content on this website. Follow this link to go straight to our youtube channel, subscribe to our Vlogg and keep your horizons open and your knowledge fresh!

Where to start?

If your looking for information about a specific body part or complaint then either search for it directly in the box below or navigate your way to using the options below. We've organised everything by body part, starting with the foot and ankle, moving all the way to the head and neck with absolutely everything covered in between. 

Interested in how manual therapy or osteopathy can help with your period pains? Perhaps you are looking to find out how to diagnose and rehab your ankle injury? Guides are updated regularly and new videos and articles added weekly, so what are you waiting for?

Looking to get fit but you're in pain?

The this is absolutely the right place for you to be. We've tailored our information for people exactly like you. Through our strengthening and conditioning programs, you can rehabilitate your back pain, shoulder pain, ankle or knee pain while enjoying all the benefits of being fitter, stronger and happier.

Need advice and exercises for your patients?

The Osteo Fitness Collective is not just for patients. Use our short, concise and up to date videos and guides so that you can provide your patients with the best possible road to recovery. Each video offers clear rehabilitation, exercise, strengthening and stretching information along with printed manuscripts, and downloadable pdf guides you can give to your patients.

Need advice on correcting your posture?

A large part of what we do is about making sure that every aspect of the body is working optimally, functioning correctly and in balance and harmony with everything around it.

Essentially what we do is remove the restrictions to living freely, with energy and without pain. Correcting your posture is a large part of this process. Understanding how you posture affects your pain, physiology and even your mood is important when looking at how disease and poor health affect the body.

The first step when looking at someone's posture therefore is always awareness. If you can't recognise how your health or condition is being adversely affected by posture then progress will definately be tough. Being examined by a professional and looking at yourself and how you live your life are two great steps forward. We've created a large section of this website to address how posture affects you and what you can do about it especially regarding postural awareness, exercises for correcting posture and how a manual therapist might be able to help you.

And that's it! What are you waiting for, let the osteo fitness collective show you the path to a better life.